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[GURPS] World-Walkers: Heisenberg's Henchmen's Journal
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Saturday, April 7th, 2007
5:56 pm
So What To Do: Here’s a Gameplan
We have alot to deal with. Here's some ideas.....

Yes, ORAC will oversee the info gathering/analysis from the Controller.

• Lohho Industries, Inc.

Gav would like to marginalize this group. He tried making nice with them so now it’s time to amp it up abit, without getting killed.

Have Jasper Von Ridley start writing stories in the paper about how Loho was responsible for the Quake. Let’s find some evidence to back it up if we don’t already have enough. These stories should be expose type. Who did what and for what purpose. Secondarily, these stories should glorify the Free Zone. Start dropping hints of a Council or Protectorate. If possible, have other papers pick up these stories.

You know, now that the Infinity Net is up, we need a “talk radio” thing started. Gav would like to see that happen. Stories would mirror the paper stories. Also include resources for businesses and such.

• The Darkness That Consumes All

We need to know what this is. Send a team of mages to investigate. Perhaps from the Brotherhood or from Medieval Town if they are amenable. If the darkness is magical, combat it with magic. Contain it with spells? Find what’s causing it and break it (if an item) or kill it (if a living or undead thing).

• The Machine Race

Gav would like them to understand compassion. Maybe a compassion program could be written? Something that would let them feel what compassion is. The program would have to be a true program that mirrored what compassion is. Maybe once they experience this, they will change their minds about conquest.

If not, well, a really big EMP may be needed, but Gav would rather not make these guys enemies.

• The Queen of Air & Darkness

Again, work with mages and erect protection from the Scary Lady. Ask my Fey pals what would work in keeping her away.

• Glowing Skull's Lieutenants – the chimera: being dealt with by Tania Sage with help from Kelzan.

This is handled.

New Business:

1. Form the Protectorate Council. This needs to include:

The PC’s or the Free Zone if that’s a better distinction
Mystic Brotherhood of Enlightened
Controller (if he’ll upgrade from merely watching things to actually taking an active role)
Captain Freedom and Freedom Force
Maybe include the Multiverse Society if they have the powerbase and interest.

Hopefully each of the above parties would have equal representation on the Protectorate Council.

2. Once the Protectorate Council (PC) is formed, write a Constitution. Based on the last one.

3. Once the PC is formed, aggressively consolidate our territory. Make it defensible and safe for citizens.

4. Secure money. Lots of money. For bribes if needed.

5. The security force needs to be bulked up. Put Ghost and Tania Sage on this. Basically set up a black ops force to run separate from the Sheriff’s force.

The current security force in the Free Zone is the Sheriff’s force. Hopefully Kelzan will sign on officially as Sheriff. He has the public face and is known as the Slayer. If we have a Marshall Dillon type overseeing law and order, things may calm down.

6. We have to either oust or befriend Loho. They cannot be trusted. Once the news stories spread and public opinion towards them turns, we can see what happens. Gav envisions either a peace deal wherein they can sell their products (which is what they said they wanted) and have some access to the NEB, or a relationship which continues to be hostile. In the hostility case, we’d need to make a stand and probably go to war. Which means getting the Wanderer involved.

Let’s let number 6 rest for abit and see what happens with 1-5.

Now, Gav is interested in any help he can get, so if Heisenberg wants to help, cool. Gav is not interested in Heisenberg taking over, however. In fact, Gav will end up ending his henchman status in favor of the operations of the NEB.
Saturday, March 31st, 2007
7:29 pm
The New Authorities
Long Live the Authorities!

Outside of defeating the remaining enemies that stand in the way of a new, free NEB, what do you do to consolidate power and set up the new government?

You have a public face — although, Kelzan's is more public ...

He who controls the information has the power.
• ORAC creates a network of spies by tapping into the consciousness known as The Controller. Who will monitor this? ORAC? ...
• S6S completes the infinity+.net.
• "Cosmic" Psychometry!

You have a number of ...
Allies ...
• The Free Zone "Army" lead by "The Slayer", Kelzan: Seuua, Saurians, Hob/goblins, Xolotl ...
• The Mystic Brotherhood of the Enlightened
• Tania Sage
• The Emporium of Wondrous Curiousities
• The Nearly Endless Saloon
• The Free Zone
• Toter – cool idea but underutilized
• Heisenberg
• Nuwa the Seeress
Contacts ...
• Jasper Von Ridley
• The Controller – actually, he should be upgraded to an Ally
• Ghost
• Zalmon the Nomad
• Manannan, Seelie Sidhe, Lord of Sea Tempests

Potential Allies
• Machine Race ?
• Medieval Town
• Capt. Freedom and the Freedom Force
• Multiverse Society ?

Untapped Resource
• Enigma
7:25 pm
The Remaining Threats
So, what do you have left to deal with?

Lohho Industries, Inc.
The Darkness That Consumes All
The Machine Race
The Queen of Air & Darkness
Glowing Skull's Lieutenants – the chimera: being dealt with by Tania Sage with help from Kelzan.

So, what is the game plan?
Sunday, February 11th, 2007
7:36 pm
No More Face-to-Face Sessions
Well, yesterday, Ryan and I got together to play. Neither one of us was really into it and we ended up shooting the shit for most of the evening. One thing that did come out of the discussion was our feeling that the story could be wrapped up on this community. So, no more face-to-face session for this campaign. It lasted about two years!

Watch here for some wrap-up postings as Gav sets up a new government in the NEB that looks suspiciously like the old one! I am hoping that Alan will resolve whether Kelzan will return to Varkor to become its' new emperor or stay in the NEB and become one of the Authorities.
Saturday, February 10th, 2007
2:36 pm
Thursday, February 1st, 2007
6:13 pm
Session #22 is Saturday, 10 February 2007 ...
... at 4pm at my apartment.

In a previous post downstream, Vincent indicated that he could attend. What say the rest of you?

What is to be the focus of the session?

• Machine Race: need to continue the discussion and ...
• The Darkness That Consumes All: ?
• Lohho Industries: probably the most daunting of your remaining foes.

Continue to work on establishing a new government for The NEB? How?

As we did the last time, I would like to handle as much of the information gathering as possible on the community. So, what do you want to know?
Sunday, January 14th, 2007
2:48 pm
Lohho Industries, Inc.
The group first encountered Lohho Industries, Inc. in the Old Endless Building on their third mission for Heisenberg (Session #10).

Results of Investigation:
• Run by the twin twins:
    • sisters: Esia and Einmyria
    • brothers: Narfi and Vali
• Before the reality quake that destroyed the Old Endless Building, Lohho took over previously abandoned portions of the Office and started buying companies (by hostile take-over, if necessary).

The group encountered Lohho Industries, Inc. again on their fifth mission for Heisenberg (Session #12).

Mission Briefing

Due to the warning supplied by Gavriel concerning the impending reality quake, Heisenberg was secretly evacuating all of his key personnel and equipment from The Endless Building in advance of the impending general evacuation.

Yesterday, an operation secretly evacuating some researchers and their data went missing. Operatives escorting the researchers and their data were supposed to report to a hidden world but did not. All attempts to contact them have failed.

The researchers worked at The University of the Endless Building (UEB or, simply, The University) in the Institute of Advanced Parachronic Physics (IAPP or, simply, The Institute). The researchers were working on a secret project funded by Heisenberg. They were attempting to create a mathematical model of The Endless Building. They claimed that they were within days of achieving the goal. One small, final piece was missing.

Your mission is to locate and recover the researchers and their data.

Dossiers of the researchers containing holographic images and cursory biographical data are attached.

• Institute Director: Revered Scholar Edward Witten
• Revered Scholar Max Tegmark
• Honored Scholar Bryce DeWitt
• Respected Scholar Hugh Everett

A holographic map of The Institute with the researchers offices and laboratories marked is attached.

Behind the Scenes

Honored Scholar Bryce DeWitt is a mole. He has been supplying the data associated with the research to Lohho Industries, Inc. His contact was the younger sister, Einmyria. He has been holding back some of his completed research – the small, final missing piece – from his team for several weeks now. He supplied the completed model to Einmyria within hours of completing his final piece.

Lohho Industries, Inc. set up a secret laboratory within The Endless Building month ago. The model was the final piece of research they needed to acquire to begin their operation. The twin twins plan to remake The Endless Building into something that they alone can control in the name of their father, Loki.

The operation is in progress; unfortunately, everything is not going according to plan. The twin twins were forced to kidnap the researchers in order to attempt to regain control of their out-of-control operation.

The laboratory is hidden behind a slip, an interdimensional interface that must be crossed in a specific way, within Bach Dang Shrimp Farm #42.

More to come ...
12:21 pm
The Scorecard
In the chaos following the reforming of the Endless Building, a number of being were trapped or came through the newly opened gates. Some of those beings sought power. Here is the list of The Powers That Be and their fates:

The Controller: not actually interested in ruling; just intensely curious.
Lohho Industries: continues to expand via takeovers, hostile if necessary.
Saurians: destroyed after confronting Lohho's paramilitary forces. Three tribes escaped and have allied themselves with The Free Zone.
Baron Kern: killed by Kelzan, Karol, and Gavriel.
Glowing Skull: killed by Kelzan, Karol, Gavriel, and Mercy.
The Darkness That Consumes All: growing ... consuming ...
The Machine Race: presently neutral.

New Powers:
The Free Zone: growing as the other Powers That Be are destroyed.
The Mystic Brotherhood of the Enlightened: consolidated a significant portion of Baron Kern's former territory.

Minor Powers:
Capt. Freedom and The Freedom Force: allied with The Free Zone.
Medieval Town: surrounded by Machine Race.
11:27 am
Session #22 is Saturday, 10 February 2007
... at 4pm at my apartment — as usual. Check your calendars and let me know if you can make it.

As we did last time, I would like to handle set-up for the session on the community.

I believe Lohho Industries is up next?

Here are some additional activities to be handled inbetween sessions:
• Tania Sage will work with Kelzan to assemble strike teams to deal with the remaining forces of the Glowing Skull, especially the chimera.
• Negotiate with Medieval Town.
• Continue negotiations with Machine Race.
• ORAC will design a device to tap into the consciousness of the Controller.

Future Sessions:
Session #23: Saturday, 10 March 2007: The Darkness That Consumes All ...
Session #24: Saturday, 14 April 2007: Wrap-Up Party

Perhaps Alan will be able to attend one of these last sessions so we can see what he has Kelzan do. Does Kelzan stay in The NEB or does he return to Varkor to rule the empire?
7:09 am
damage control
Okay, so the first order of business, once Jasper von Ridley leaves, is to talk with Tania Sage.

It's important to get to Tania before she acts on her anger. Without patronizing, Tania needs to know that her role was vital. The Skull would not have been taken down without her knowledge, skills and dedication. Without her leading us through the back door, we'd have had to make a frontal assault.

Now, since Mercy attacked her, Tania is most likely thinking revenge or even leaving the Free Zone. Gav will talk with her (Tania) about the attack. It was unwarranted. It was unexpected. It was inexcusable. But from Mercy's point of view, Tania (who Mercy doesn't know due to Mercy's recent absence) was firing too near Kelzan. Mercy sometimes feels protective of her companions. Now, Gav knows Mercy is a crack shot and was doing the best she could do. Gav knows her background and trusts her skills.

It is imporant to keep Tania as an ally. She has great potential to be a major force in the NEB and a great aid in setting up the Council. Gav wants her to stay and will do whatever he needs to do to ensure her continued happiness.

And the suggestion that Tania head up the hunt for the chimera was not "throwing her a bone." The chimera need to be cleaned up. She has knowledge of them and could head a strike force to take them out.
Saturday, January 13th, 2007
9:51 am
Session #21 is Today (Saturday, 13 January 2007)
Today's Agenda:
At this point in the campaign (especially since Vincent cannot attend, Alan is swamped and relegated to a guest star, and Bryan has not told me what Mercy is doing), Ryan/Gav is driving the plot:

• Gangleri the Wanderer's Wish.
• Negotiation with Machine Race.
• The Glowing Skull receives his just rewards!

Future Agenda Items:
• Form alliance with Medieval Town.
• Have ORAC construct the device to tap into the Controllers' consciousness.
Tuesday, January 9th, 2007
8:56 pm
Summary of the Time Between Session #20 and #21
This is a summary of the activity between Sessions #20 and #21. Please feel free to comment on anything written. Please feel especially free to add to what is written!

Last Revised: Sunday, 14 January 2007

1 Quindec 0

The day Gavriel, Karol, and Kelzan removed the threat of Baron Kern.

2 Quindec 0

Gavriel: Assisted the Brotherhood of the Enlightened in the reclaimation of the area transformed by the incursion of the Unseelie into the NEB by judicious use of his mental powers. In the absence of any other activity, Gav will be assumed to be assisting the Brotherhood.
Karol: Assisted the Brotherhood.
Kelzan: Assisted the Brotherhood. Spent the evening at gambling establishment that Maynard was reputed to visit.
Mercy: Out on walk-about and/or working with The Hands of Vulcan.


The Neb: The first reports of rumors that Baron Kern was killed appeared in the Building Buzz.

3 Quindec 0

Gavriel: Assisted the Brotherhood of the Enlightened. Suggested to ORAC that a body might be constructed for it. Requested that ORAC design tracking devices that piggy-back on the infinity+NET.
Karol: Assisted the Brotherhood.
Kelzan: While assisting the Brotherhood, approached by a dozen or so Hob/Goblins lead by He Who Stabs in the Guts. The Hob/Goblins surrendered to the Slayer of Kern and gave him allegiance. Spent the evening at gambling establishment that Maynard was reputed to visit.

Others: ORAC began design of its' bodies and tracking devices.

The Neb: More reports of rumors around the death of Baron Kern appeared in the Building Buzz.

4 Quindec 0

Gavriel: Assisted the Brotherhood of the Enlightened.
Karol: Assisted the Brotherhood.
Kelzan: Begin integrating the Seuua and the Hob/Goblins into the beginnings of an army. Spent the evening at gambling establishment that Maynard was reputed to visit.


The Neb: The Dimensional Gazette's headline confirmed the death of Kern and named Kelzan as his slayer — with assistance from Gavriel and Karol. The story was surprisingly accurate.

5 Quindec 0

Gavriel: Assisted the Brotherhood of the Enlightened.
Karol: Assisted the Brotherhood.
Kelzan: Spent the evening at gambling establishment that Maynard was reputed to visit.


The Neb:

6 Quindec 0

Gavriel: Assisted the Brotherhood of the Enlightened.
Karol: Assisted the Brotherhood.
Kelzan: Confronted and killed Maynard (aka, The Master) and several Xolotl (aka, Dark Dogs). The remaining Xolotl wanted to declare Kelzan their new god but he refused. Inspite of this, the Xolotl insisted on providing Kelzan with an honor guard of a half-dozen.


The Neb:

7 Quindec 0

Gavriel: Offered sanctuary to two additional tribes of stranded Saurians, People of the Sweet Water and People of the Flat Lands, after consulting with Wise Old Woman regarding any possible blood feuds.
Karol: Assisted the Brotherhood.
Kelzan: Began integrating Xolotl, Seuua, Hob/Goblins, and Saurians into army.

Others: ORAC completed design of tracking devices.

The Neb:

8 Quindec 0

Gavriel: Assisted Brotherhood.
Karol: Assisted Brotherhood.
Kelzan: Began integrating Seuua, Hob/Goblins, and Saurians (some of which are mounted on Terrible Claws) into army.


The Neb:

11 Quindec 0

Gavriel: Visited by Jasper Von Ridley about the Multiverse Society. Entered Multiverse Society and met Zalmon the Nomad.
Karol: Visited The Library. Took some flowers for Julie. Researched "drifts." Took Julie to dinner afterwards.
Kelzan: Approached by residents of the Free Zone who wish to help to defend/police it. Began integrating with the Xolotl, Seuua, Hob/Goblins, and Saurians.


The Neb:

12 Quindec 0

Gavriel: Assisted Brotherhood.
Karol: Assisted Brotherhood.
Kelzan: Trained army.


The Neb: Jasper Von Ridley in The Dimensional Gazette reports on the Multiverse Society.

14 Quindec 0

Gavriel: Approached by former Special Agent Tania Sage. Began negotiations.
Karol: Assisted Brotherhood.
Kelzan: Trained army.


The Neb: The Dimensional Gazette reports on the Brotherhood's reclaimation efforts.

17 Quindec 0

Gavriel: Assisted Brotherhood.
Karol: Assisted Brotherhood.
Kelzan: Attacked by another of his brother-princes, Irad, the next in the line of succession. Irad could not be convinced that Ephriam (aka, Kelzan) was not building an army to conquer Varkor. Activated the Ring of the Nightflyer King and split brother in two with greatsword. Mehujael was next in line.

Others: ORAC completed design of bodies.

The Neb: The Building Buzz "reports" that The Darkness That Consumes All has expanded beyond the Labyrinth.

18 Quindec 0

Gavriel & Karol: Walked to The Station with ORAC. Arranged manufacture of tracking devices and the first of ORAC's bodies. The tracking devices were estimated to be ready in 3 days while ORAC's body would take 14 days.
Kelzan: Trained army.


The Neb:

21 Quindec 0

Gavriel: Allied with Tania Sage.
Karol: Walked to The Station. Picked up tracking devices.
Kelzan: Trained army.


The Neb:

23 Quindec 0

Gavriel: Arrived at an understanding with Zalmon concerning an escort to Hellstorm. Escorted Zalmon to Enigma. Zalmon stayed to attune and promised to return in several days to escort Gav to Hellstorm.
Karol: Assisted Brotherhood.
Kelzan: Trained army.


The Neb:

27 Quindec 0

Gavriel: Zalmon escorted Gav to Hellstorm. Gav stayed for 5 days to attune.
Karol: Assisted Brotherhood.
Kelzan: Trained army. Visited by Potiphar, Master-of-Arms of Varkor. The Emperor (that's Kelzan's dad, folks!) is sick – very sick — dying, in fact. The brother-princes are all amassing allies — and armies in secret. BEWARE!


The Neb:

32 Quindec 0

Gavriel & Karol: Walked to The Station with ORAC. Picked up the first of ORAC's bodies.
Kelzan: Trained army.


The Neb:

35 Quindec 0

Gavriel: Ghost reported on Captain Freedom & the Freedom Force. Extended offer to meet through Silver Streak Couriers.
Karol: Assisted Brotherhood.
Kelzan: Trained army.


The Neb:

36 Quindec 0

Gavriel, Karol, and Kelzan: Met with Captain Freedom & the Freedom Force to establish alliance against the "bad guys."


The Neb:

1 Hedec 0

Gavriel, Karol, and Kelzan: Went to The Island to return Karol's favor and for rest and relaxation.


The Neb:

5 Hedec 0

Gavriel, Karol, and Kelzan: Returned from The Island refreshed — and with tans.


The Neb:

8 Hedec 0

Gavriel: Assisted Brotherhood.
Karol: Assisted Brotherhood.
Kelzan: Trained army.

Others: ORAC, finally somewhat comfortable with his body, left to speak to the Machine Race.

The Neb:

__.o BEGIN SESSION #21 o.__

10 Hedec 0

Gavriel: Summoned Odin to collect favor. Granted augmented Psychometry power.
Karol: Assisted Brotherhood.
Kelzan: Trained army.


The Neb:

13 Hedec 0

Gavriel: Ghost reported on Medieval Town.
Karol: Assisted Brotherhood.
Kelzan: Trained army.


The Neb:

14 Hedec 0

Gavriel: Assisted Brotherhood. Visited with ORAC.
Karol: Assisted Brotherhood.
Kelzan: Trained army.

Others: ORAC returned from visit with Machine Race with an improved body and an offer to meet with the Machine Race Ruling Council.

The Neb:

15 Hedec 0

Gavriel, Karol, Mercy, and ORAC: Meet with Machine Race Ruling Council and convinced Council to terminate alliance with Glowing Skull.
Kelzan: Trained army.


The Neb:

17 Hedec 0

Gavriel: Assisted Brotherhood.
Karol: Assisted Brotherhood.
Kelzan: Trained army. Attacked by Jabal, youngest of the brother-princes. Decapitated Jabal. Jabal claimed that the Emperor was alive but a vegetable. Mehujael had seized the capital and killed Methusael and Lamech. Jabal escaped. Now, only Ephriam and Mehujael remain. There can ONLY be ONE!


The Neb:

20 Hedec 0

Gavriel: Received Sage: Intel Report #3: Elrond Carver.
Karol: Assisted Brotherhood.
Kelzan: Trained army.


The Neb:

21 Hedec 0

Gavriel, Karol, Kelzan, Mercy, ORAC, and Tania: Takes down the Glowing Skull!
Sunday, January 7th, 2007
9:09 pm
Tania Sage's Intelligence Reports
Unless someone has a specific question that will affect the planning of the attack on the Glowing Skull, let us just assume that the information was in one of the reports and you can ask the question on the spot. I will just answer unless it is a really obscure point. In which case, I will require a roll against, say Gavriel's Intelligence Analysis with some negative based on the obscurity.

8:52 pm
ORAC's First Body
ORAC's first design is a simple (and quick) humanoid body that can utilize man-sized weaponry and vehicles. It is obviously mechanical. It has no real face, only a pair of eyes and a speaker grill in a skull-like head.

Sensors: Basic sensors with thermograph.
Communicator: Basic communicator with radio.
Weaponry: Electrolaser concealed in right arm.

ORAC is housed in the torso of the body.

ST: 20
DX: 10
HT: 12

HP: 24
Spd: 5.5
Move: 7

DR: 30

Note: This design is based upon XNU-05 "Myrmidon" from GURPS Reign of Steel.

7:55 pm
Gav's Contact from the Multiverse Society
As Gavriel wanders around the Multiverse Society chapterhouse in the NEB, he comes upon an old man, for want of a better expression, "holding court." There are a large number people seated and standing around with drinks and cigars listening to the old man. The old man is sinewy, bald with weather-beaten skin and the hint of a white goatee. His clothes are patched and repaired many times over. There is a long, dark brown, well-worn, leather duster with a large, floppy hat thrown over the back rest of the large leather chair that the old man is seated in. The crowd is engrossed in the stories of the old man. When Gavriel politely inquires from one of the attractive women standing in the audience who the old man is, Gav is told: "Zalmon the Nomad." The women quickly explains that Zalmon is a legend. He is as old as dirt and has travelled around the multiverse a great deal.

After Zalmon finishes his story and the audience has wandered off, Gavriel approaches Zalmon. Perhaps Zalmon would like an extraordinary meal, drinks, and cigars at the Nearly Endless Saloon. Zalmon is agreeable as it is dinner time and he is hungry. Gav escorts Zalmon back to the Nearly Endless Saloon and arranges for a private meal in his office.

After the meal is destroyed by the two old men (that's Gav and Zalmon, folks) with nearly bottomless stomachs, Gav and Zalmon enjoy a nice brandy and cigar. After some chitchat, Zalmon broaches the topic of why Gav brought him here.

"Sonny, I thoroughly enjoyed the meal and the brandy and cigar are perfection; but, I know you did not invite me here for the shear pleasure of my company. So, what can I do for you?"

After some back and forth, Zalmon admits to having been to Hellstorm. He is willing to escort Gav in return for an escort to an interesting world that Zalmon has not been to. Not surprisingly, he has been to and spent many a pleasant day on The Island. Zalmon has also been to The Inn of the Many Worlds.

That only leaves Enigma, I believe? Will you escort Zalmon to Enigma in return for an escort to Hellstorm?

Contact (Zalmon the Nomad; Area Knowledge: The Multiverse: 15- [2]; Frequency of Appearance: Fairly Often, 9- (x1); Reliability: Somewhat Reliable (x1) [2].

How is that for the 2-pts. you allocated to the Multiverse Society special connection?

NOTE: If you want to change any of Gav's actions, please let me know ...
Saturday, December 30th, 2006
8:49 pm
the psionicist was subtil
in case anyone missed it, gav is working on building a new government for the neb. he envisions a council. so, groups are being reached out to. allies made. enemies dealt with. those who will be allies will hopefully join a new council. hopefully means gav hasn't mentioned this yet to the allies, but his compatriots should be aware of his intention.

so, be advised. gav is nation building.
Friday, December 22nd, 2006
4:25 am
Gav's stuff to do. egads.

The Brotherhood of the Enlightened: The Brotherhood is instrumental in freeing those people who can be freed from the "pods." Unfortunately, they cannot distinguish between the Goblins/Hobgoblins that were created just recently by the "pools of chaos" and the originals. They rally the people from the surrounding area and begin to return the converted areas of the NEB that are not too far along in the conversion process back into the NEB. This establishes them as a minor power in the area around the monastery. The people, especially those freed, look to the Brotherhood for protection and leadership. This starts right after your successful mission and will take several decins. How involved do you intend to be?

Gav would be as involved as possible. One, it’s helping people. Two, it’s furthering relations with the Brotherhood, and now their station has improved to a minor power. If possible, forge a connection to the Free Zone. Get the net wired there if it’s not. How far is their territory from ours? IF close, let’s connect it.

Saurians: Some additional Saurians are found to be cut off from their gate back to their homeworld. They also seek asylum in the Free Zone. Two peoples, actually: the "People of the Sweet Water" and the "People of the Flat Lands." Each tribe has a couple dozen with about half of them as able-bodied warriors (approximately two dozen). Gav consults with Bright Fangs who, in turn, consults with a very elderly female Saurian named "Wise Old Female." Wise Old Female informs the two that there are no blood feuds between the People of the Tall Rocks and the People of the Sweet Water and the People of the Flat Lands. After determining this, Gav offers the additional Saurians sanctuary. Let's say this takes place a mitrid after your successful mission against Baron Kern, 7 Quindec 0.

And find them something to do. A good idea might be patrolling the Free Zone territory. Looking out for incursions. And if Wise Old Female is a spiritual leader, let’s foster that. Maybe she can “lead” all the Saurians and forge a new tribe. Keep them happy.

Multverse Society: Jasper Von Ridley stops by The Nearly Endless Saloon on 11 Quindec 0 with a juicy rumor — one he has been trying to prove or disprove. He needs Gav's help. There is rumored to be a society of World-Walkers' called the Multiverse Society that meets somewhere in the NEB. The society sponsors exploration of the multiverse and acts as a gathering place for World-Walkers'. Jasper cannot gain admittance as he is not a World-Walker. Perhaps Gav knows a World-Walker who would be willing to help?

Oh, this is right up Gav’s alley. He’d happily go meet this group and join if they are on the up and up. And if he can gain honest entrance he’ll try to get Jasper in. But I suspect Jasper will need to be curbed. Sensational stories are a nogo. But also, perhaps the Society may be amenable to publicity. The NEB needs civilisation and they may be a part of the solution.

Special Agent Tania Sage: She was with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on the Glowing Skull's homeworld, nicknamed "Hellstorm" by the media. She is a trained mage, former Special Weapons and Thaumatology (SWAT) officer, and was an undercover operative in the Glowing Skull's organization on Hellstorm. When the Glowing Skull seemingly disappeared on Hellstorm (as you know, he moved the bulk of his operations to the NEB), the FBI pulled her out and reassigned her. Tania was having none of that. She pursued the Skull on her own time and finally found the gate that he used to travel to the NEB. She resigned from the FBI and snuck through the gate to the NEB. Tania has spent the last couple of decins getting familiar with the NEB and trying to find some allies. She read of your defeat of Baron Kern in the papers and has approached you on 14 Quindec 0. After several cautious discussions that are spread out over a trid, Tania agrees to lead a team of investigators looking into the Glowing Skull. She issues a series of intelligence reports based upon her knowledge of the Dark Lord and her home world. Report No. 1 arrives on 36 Quindec 0. Report No. 2 arrives on 7 Hedec 0. Report No. 3 arrives on 20 Hedec 0. Please review the outlines of the reports I have posted and ask any specific questions you have regarding the intelligence you want before you proceed with taking down the Glowing Skull.

Gangleri the Wanderer's Wish: What to do with the coin? And when do you do it?

This is a quandary. I’m not sure how big the favor is. Is it a one shot thing like “give me intel on the baddie?” or is it “strike down the baddie?” (doubtful). Or can he send me a company of really tough and burly norsemen to inhabit the Free Zone and beef up the security of this place? That would be cool.

ORAC: See to the manufacture of ORAC's bodies through Karol's knowledge of the Station. Have it contact the machine race. When would you like to accomplish this?

ASAP. Why not throw another iron on the fire? And Gav doesn’t want to risk losing the machine race to the Glowing Skull.

Medieval Town: an area in The NEB with a high mana level and TL3. They rely on swords and sorcery and have survived to date because they have been enveloped by the machine race whose technology will not work in Medieval Town. Perhaps this factored into the machine races' decision to ally with the Glowing Skull? Would you like to contact them as potential allies?

Yes. As a rule, contact almost anyone who can be an ally. Unless they are ruled by a Scary Lady.

Capt. Freedom and the Freedom Force: a group of superheroes who got stuck in The NEB when their homebase on their post-apocalyptic world was swept-up by the reforming NEB. Would you like to contact them as potential allies?

Absolutely. They could be great allies. And besides, we in the Free Zone stand for Truth, Justice and the, ahem, American Way (well, not American, but you get the idea)

Anything else Gav would like to do?

Well, shit, have some nachos and a beer!
Wednesday, December 20th, 2006
8:01 am
Session #21 is Saturday, 13 January 2007!
One of the side-effects of the holidays (too many relatives and not enough time) has yet again derailed our attempts to game! So, even though Gulluvia is no more, let us continue with our normal rotation: World-Walkers will be on the second Saturday of the month. That puts our schedule as follows:

• Session #21: Saturday, 13 January 2007
• Session #22: Saturday, 10 February 2007
• Session #23: Saturday, 10 March 2007
• Session #24: Saturday, 14 April 2007

etc ...

As usual, the sessions are at 4:00pm at my apartment. Hope to see everyone there!

Have safe and happy holidays!
2:32 am
okay, so the 30th is bad now. i've got family stuff. you know, people in town from out of state, those you only see once a year or so. so, whilst i'd love to run through the neb with you all, that's out. now, can we do the 28th or 29th? i don't want to impose, but if people have the time, mayhap we can get together on a day other than our normal one.
Sunday, December 17th, 2006
12:18 pm
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